What we Learned today - November 30

Expedition Australia, Day Two. We continued this study today. There was lots of drawing to do today, which my lad just thoroughly enjoyed. Even though he would much rather draw what HE wants to draw, he also tries hard to draw what he's asked to draw as well.

We learned about telling time, about working with a thermometer, learned a few fascinating facts about a Thorny Devil (an animal from Australia that gets water from crevasses in it's skin, and only eats ants). It was NOT our animal of the day, but it was never the less a very fascinating animal.

We did a couple of crafts, did the lapbooking exercises (not all, but most), and just had fun visiting Australia on the computer. This unit study is also available directly from DownloadNGo.

After we did that, we worked outside for a bit...the lad was out for 20 minutes before "mommy, my hands are frozen". so in he went and entertained himself while I finished cleaning up the backyard. It was a job that kept me busy for a good hour and a bit. I was frozen when I finally got back in, the lad was helpful by getting me the things I needed to keep the house from being a total mess with mucky boots and wet times coming in and being put in the garage to dry off before being put away for the winter.

Yesterday while in London I stopped at a lady's house who was selling some homeschool stuff. I get a Jump Start animal Adventure CD from her. The lad and I had fun playing with it until he got his confidence up that he could play it well, and then I got supper going and some laundry on the way while he played. He learned about different animals and had fun while doing so. It was worth the $2 asking price. :)

We have started reading a book at night after supper. We try to read it as a family as much as possible. I picked one at random, but we might start being more deliberate about the books that we choose in the future. We are reading "The Secret of the Hidden Cave" by Bettilu Davies. We are up to Chapter 10 now, another 7 days and we'll have a new book to read.