Magnificant Moon - Day One

Today I worked on Magnificant Moon with the lad. Some of what we learned was kinda interesting, some of it well...wasn't, at least to a boy child age 5.

One of the questions asked as "would you like to go to the moon?" and his very prompt response was "NO!"
"how come" I asked.
"Cause I"m interested in cats and bunnies, not the moon!".

We learned about Neil Armstrong and his interest in planes when he was a lad. We learned that the moon is dust and rocks (Boring said a boy child). And considering what his interests you blame him? :)

He found the rocket video interesting, so I pursued that a bit. interesting to see how a two stage rocket works. I found this as well as this (a PDF) which outlined a study one could do using a film. It was useful as a question generator.

We did find this experiment on making a two stage rocket using balloons that the lad wants to try. You need a long balloon, a paper cup and a round balloon. We're going to add a long piece of heavy string and a straw, because we want to direct it's flight up the stairs. :) You cut the bottom out of the paper cup, put it around the long balloon small end toward balloon tip and blow it up. DO NOT TIE OFF. Hold the balloon end against the cup so the air can't escape, then put the round balloon between the balloon and the cup and blow it up. Once it is sufficient size to hold the first balloon tight release that end, then blow up a bit more. Should show the effects of a two stage rocket. We need to find the long balloon yet...but otherwise we're set to do it. Hopefully will get pics to share.

Oh... I used this copywork sheet generator to make some copy work for the lad. I made it a bit too long for a five year old, but otherwise I was pleased with my efforts. You need to print from the site, the work does not copy over well...even as a save image file.

He had fun discovering and then singing "J is for Justin and for Jupiter" over and over again when learning that Jupiter has 63 moons. That was one thing that simply astounded him... 63 moons!!!! It's good to see a lad being amazed at something that God himself created. :)

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