Moon Books

We borrowed these books for our study of the Magnificent Moon.

The Moon by Paulette Bourgeois. Good book. had experiments in it we want to try.

The Jumbo book of Space. Good book. Also had experiments in it we want to try.

Moons by Vogt. moons from all the planets. Interesting read. Experiments in it to do as well.

Sky by David Allen. Couldn't find a link to this one anywhere. It was very simple, and not entirely accurate, but not a bad introductory book.

The Moon. David Jefferis. Good book. Gives a nice overview of the earth's moon.

The Kids book of the night sky. This book had some ancient stories in it of how the moon came to be.

The solar system. simple book, the lad liked the pictures.

SPACE, magic tree house research guide. Two pages in a larger book. All black and white. Brief overview, decently done.

First space encyclopedia. Two colorful pages in this large book. Lad liked the pictures.

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