Snow Cats!

So we managed to get some homeschool done using a book that I have upstairs. We did another 5-6 pages, and I learned something. The lad has a problem with figuring end sounds. He's getting better, fairly good actually at knowing beginning sounds, and we have fun doing rhymes, but ending sounds, he just needs a fair bit of help yet.

The one thing I don't like about this book is that it uses a lot of pictures, and things, as we all know...can have a multitude of words given to them that are descriptive, but if you don't have the right one...the exercise is meaningless. But other than that, it's a pretty good book. Makes the lad think and doesn't have endless exercises in a row of all the same type of thing to do.

I've added a physical exercise component to our days. Every day we are going to get some type of exercise. We planned to go for a walk today, but when we got outside we noticed the snow...and it's texture and said hey... Let's build a snow cat!
there are two cats here even though they are hard to see
a boy lion and a girl lion who was going to have babies

"The boy lion is protecting the girl lion from the wolves that
are hurting her because they don't want the baby lions to
hurt their baby wolfs"

It turned into quite the adventure. Some foxes ended up joining in with the wolves and they all gathered under Bunny town's lions gate to talk about it all. And we had to go back there to help them learn to be friendly with the lions because the lion babies wouldn't hurt the wolfs babies because they wanted the antelopes! :) Our planned half hour walk ended up being a fun hour outside on a nice day playing with the lad. :)

Later on he watched some TV while I made supper. He helped count out how many Tortellini's he was willing to try and helped get out the parmesan cheese.

After supper we worked on building the model building for our railroad. We hardly got anything done on it, but the glue has to set and dry and the pieces aren't numbered like they are supposed to be so we have to do picture matching to make it work.

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