What we Learned today - January 5, 2011

We used this book today in our homeschooling. We'd done part of it before so today we finished it off. It was a good book to do, some easy parts, some not so easy parts. Some I made more challenging by changing it up a bit. It was particularly enjoyable to write a rebus story together, using the stickers they provided and a child's imagination. It covered phonics, reading, and math.

A real sense of accomplishment when he was done working through it. The toughest part for him was figuring out the ending sound of words so we worked on that for a bit. He learned to laugh at himself when he made a silly mistake.

We also worked on the directionals of horizontal, vertical and diagonal. We used popsicle sticks to make designs using these directions. I figured it was good for him to start figuring some of this out.

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