The name of the game today was "let's experiment" and so we did. :)

We'd gotten a number of books out of the library that had to do with science experiments and so we played around with the books.

We started with Everyday Science Experiments in the gym

All we did was work our way through the book. The one on learning about a curve ball was quite interesting to boy and cat. I will post a video if I can get it to upload. :)

We listened to our heart beat, leaned hard against a wall and learned that afterwards our arm will go up all on it's own! We stood really close to a wall and learned how hard it was to lift the outside foot from the wall.

Then we moved on to Everyday Science Experiments in the Kitchen.

In this book we learned that lemon juice can turn dull pennies into shiny pennies.

What we found interesting is what we thought was grime on the one penny, turned yellow and flaky after it was in the lemon juice. It wouldn't come off..it just looked flaky but wasn't really. The lad was quite intrigued by it, and I was at a loss to explain why.

We had fun learning about surface tension by adding 30 pennies to a small jar of water that was full to the brim. Hardly any water was split and the boy was quite fascinated by this. "look mommy! the water is all floaty! Look mommy it pops up at me!". :)

The one that elucidated the "let's do that again Mommy" was the balloon experiment. Take one balloon, small water bottle, vinegar and baking soda and you have an intensely curious lad. "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It blowed up the balloon!!!!" "Let's do that again mommy!"

Later we took a balloon. Added some vanilla to it (the lad poured it in). We blew up the balloon and placed it in a shoebox. After two hours we opened the shoebox. It smelled like vanilla. We put it back in and six hours later the smell was even more potent. Very lovely smell. :) The lad was impressed. Dad thought it rather neat too as we shared it with him.

We did a few other things but I can't remember them. It was just fun having a blast in the kitchen with the lad. :) Oh.. we made ooblek. The boy didn't like touching it, so I stirred it around and showed him how it acted both like a liquid and like a solid.

Oh...and he made another volcano. :)

After we cleaned up a bit from all the experimenting we did a book "Jonah and the big fish". It was sticker fun, doing mazes and learning the story of Jonah. How he ran away from God because he didn't want to do what God said. The lad said "Doesn't he know that running away from God doesn't work mommy? God always knows where we are. "

In the late afternoon he went to the London's children's museum with Dad while I did some chores around the house and took time to read a book for a moment or two.

It was an excellent day all round.

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