George Washington - DNG

Today we worked on the last three days of the George Washington Study. I made a worksheet over at ESL Writing Wizard on Mark 10:45 to go along with the study.

We did days three-five. George Washington is a unit study from Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies.

I have to admit, we really picked and chose what we wanted to do. :) We, as Canadians, teaching a five year old, really aren't too worried about learning constitutional stuff about the United States. It was FUN learning that Washington's favourite food was ice cream, so we rewarded ourselves when all done doing our work with having a bowl of ice cream. We talked about what it means to serve. George Washington spent his life serving people in one form or another. Jesus calls us to live a life of service as well. So it was good to see this and think about how we can serve God and others in how we live our lives and the choices that we make.

After we enjoyed our icecream we watched some TV (about the megastructure they built in Dubai) and then we enjoyed this you tube video

Though Justin quite determinedly said "I don't DANCE, I GROOVE!" :)

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