Ground Hog Day

Today we studied ground hog day.

We pulled information from the web to do this study.

The history of Ground Hog Day: Groundhog club

A pop up ground hog. We added a flashlight to be the sun and had a cloud shape as well. Will the groundhog see his shadow?

We learned abit about the groundhog.

We tried to make shadow puppets...but well... let's just say it was an attempt. :)

We read this book:

We played this memory game of animals that hibernate. and tic-tac-toe ground hog here.

And we learned about Wiarton Willie (the Canadian groundhog). :)

and I went here to print off some PDF's for the lad to work on. Took a bit of figuring to get them to print off as my computer is being fidgety today.

We did another craft, but I can't find the link to it anymore.

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