We finished the study for Expedition Ireland today produced by Amanda Bennett Unit Studies. . Boy... we had fun doing this. I think it's funny. The lad has trouble sitting still, and keeps asking "are we done yet". BUT when asked what he thinks of Ireland and what we learned "I liked it mommy! Ireland is interesting".
We found this video while we were studying the Irish Hare for the Ireland study from Amanda Bennett Unit Studies. It made both of us laugh...watching this silly hare binkying. :

We played a game showing how a hare can turn really fast, and that's why hares can soon turn into too many. We had fun racing around the house and learning. We did this because one of the youtube links led to a hare being chased by some hawks and getting away from them because it zigged and zagged.

Today we found the longest river in Ireland, we made a brochure of places to visit, did an animal matching activity, and had fun looking at hare videos.

Twas a good day to learn a thing or two. :)

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