Lego Contest and more

I know I'm a bit late in posting what we've been doing this week.

We are now back to saying and pointing at the different letters in the alphabet. We do this once or twice a day. This in an effort to combat that "but I forgot what that letter looks like mommy". :) he knows them if I show him, but when it comes to writing them "i forget".

We are starting to work on telling time. He's really pretty good with the o'clocks and he's starting to get the 1/2 hour but that is still very much a work in progress. We use an old clock that we got at a yard sale or something for 25 cents. We also have a reader rabbit tell the time book that we do exercises in.

We've started going through a Kumon math book for 4-5-6 year olds.

He finds it amazing that in time he'll be able to count to 120! :) he's having fun doing the book though "why do they want me to hold the pencil that way mommy?" (the book shows him the proper way of holding a writing implement). he'd rather write in his hamfisted way but that isn't the correct way to hold it, so I'm using the book to teach him the correct method (as well as practice his numbers). :)

On Friday we focused on doing Lego. We had a lot of fun building and playing with Lego. Then in the evening we went to the Stratford for a Lego Contest with HOPE (my homeschool group).
I thought some of the designs were quite interesting, and one young man did stop-action photography with his. The lad thoroughly enjoyed it, and parts of it were funny too. :) IF I can figure out how to download the photos off my camera's memory I'll post of the contest entries. OH...before I of the fascinating things at the contest were these puzzle houses made of lego. You make a path in two or three stories high that have mazes in them for a marble to roll through. Quite intriguing and fun they were. :)

Oh, on Thursday we started to work on a unit study that has been produced by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett..about Ireland. We're having some fun with it, we just did Day One. Have to admit though that Justin DID NOT like that the word of the day meant he said "I don't like ponies mommy". But he did find it fun learning some of the stories of Ireland and he thought the Great Causeway was quite fascinating. Watching the videos of Ireland and seeing the castles was simply a cause of lots of exclamations! MOMMY!!!! it's a castle!!! So we might try building our own castle next week as we work on more of the Ireland study. ... wouldn't that be fun?

It wasn't a great week last week for homeschooling, but we managed to keep busy and we did manage to learn a thing or two so overall...that's what counts right? :)

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