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Jeffrey and Sloth by Kari-Lynn Winters and Ben Hodson

Oh my, this is just a fun book to read.. for mother and child. :)
Spurs all kinds of questions. Great to use to help a child think and imagine.
What could Jeffrey ask next of the sloth? :)

Tale of a Tadpole by barbara ann porte

A nice read of a little girl watching a tadpole grow up.

Dory Story by Jerry Pallota

This book has a surprise ending that made us both laugh! Good story as well of the web of life.

Swim the silver sea, joshie Otter by Nancy White Carlstrom

"why's he called Joshie Mommy?"
"Why didn't his mommy want to play?"
"why didn't he listen to his mommy?"
These were questions I was asked while reading this book. It was a great cause of wonderment.

The Blizzard by Betty Ren Wright

a good story of a boy with a birthday in the winter and his disappointment at his cousins not being able to help celebrate...because of "The Blizzard". My lad asked tons of questions, and was happy for the boy at the end of the story.

Rabbit by Alison Catley

the value of this book to me was in helping my son understand that more than one person can have a stuffy named Rabbit...and they don't all have to look the same. He was quite amazed by this fact. :)

Rabbit's Good News by Ruth Lercher Bornstein

We've had this book about before. it's just a delightful spring time book. :)

Bicycle Race by Donald Crews

DID NOT like this book. It earned a very hearty frown from a five year old lad.

Five Little Monkeys go Shoppings by Eileen Christelow

What a fun read and a smile inducer. "mommy, those monkeys don't listen!"

Waters by Edith Newlin Chase

This book inspires me to want to do a unit study on it, and perhaps I might. Filled with Canadiana trivia/artwork.

How Groundhog's Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry

This book was okay, not great, but a decent read. Groundhog learned to not only grow a garden, but how to share. Always a good thing that. NOT an oft requested book.

I'll be Home soon, snoopy by Charles Schultz

My enjoyment of Charlie brown is NOT shared by a five year old lad. :(

Lucy Comes to Stay by Rosemary Wells

Wells has again written a book to be enjoyed and read well. Reads well outloud, causes questions to be asked. A good book.

Bob the builder, snowed under. by somebody I'm sure..

It's a typical bob the builder book. Something to be built, something to be learned. The lad was very ho-hum with this book.

WAIT!! I want to tell you a story by Tom Williams.

He liked it but... the ending was somewhat less than what the boy wanted it to be. You'll have to read why a cat-loving boy wouldn't appreciate the ending. It even made my hubby chuckle. :)

The Three Swinging Pigs by Vicky Rubin.

If you KNOW the story of the three little pigs you might appreciate this book. We've read a couple books that twist the tale a bit, or at least tell it from a different perspective. This one was an OFT repeated tale.

Shaun the Sheep - Shaun the Farmer and Can't stand the heat.

It's the shaun the sheep videos in book form. Still enjoyed immensely by one five year old boy. He asked lots of questions which he didn't ask in the videos.

Click, clack, moo...and more. by Doreen Cronin et al have to just go get the book and read it. Laugh about what happens. See the farmer's frustration and just enjoy a children's book. really...go get it and just have fun with it. :)

Jack the bear by Christina Leist.

i have to admit, when I first read this book I thought 'eh.. don't need to read this again'. BUT... it grew on me. The lad liked it as well. Probably because the fox was so perplexed by Jack the Bear.

The Great Pig Escape and The Great Pig Search both books by Eileen Christelow.

Boy oh boy were these books read over and over and over again. Those silly pigs. Both were fun reads, both made a boy ask questions, both had decent illustrations, and were just fun to read. They could be made educational should one so desire...but sometimes fun books just need to be read. :)

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