Title: Charting the Course: Social Studies Webquest for EED 463N


These look interesting, hope the links continue to work so I can look them up again later.
They seem quite interesting.
Today we built things, practiced real life sorting, and worked at stuff from head of the class.

we did a sequencing pictures activity, a counting exercise, addition, sequencing numbers, and a different number sequencing unit. We learned that he has the numbers NAILED from 1-10 but has some difficulty figuring out the 10-20 series. So we'll continue to work on that.

then off to help with the hospital rummage sale for an hour. The lad was an excellent helper running things to the toy table as we found them.

Once we were home again we sorted garage sale stuff in the basement, the lad played, we talked, we sorted, we enjoyed life for the most part. :)

Tuesday - book work today

Since we are going out this afternoon, we decided to do some book work this morning.
I asked the lad to pick a number between 3 and 8 and that's how many pages we would do in each book. He waffled between 4 and 5 and settled on four. :)

These are the books that we did

Capital and lowercase letters.

After this book we read two poems, one of those poems mentioned wind and weather maps which we want to look up sometime.

Letter Play

After this book we read a story.

Number Fun

We read a poem called "wagons west". It was a fairly long poem, and lad asked questions which I always like.

Then we did Fisher Price, preschool book, I can learn. This book had number and letter sound concepts in it. He had a great deal of fun teaching one of his baby(correction little child) stuffies about matching and letter sounds. On one page he made up stories about why different stuffies didn't like different shapes.

Then we read a poem about Indian children. Can't say it went over very well. :)

The complete book of numbers and counting

Once again doing this book the stuffies played an important role in helping him count and to teach. We had a lot of fun using his stuffies to reinforce learning. :)

We followed this book by reading the Little Red Hen where the lad helped read the "not I" and the "I will" parts. by the end of the story he was also filling in the animal parts.

My Heavenly Helper, k-2

This book has lots of dot to dots in it. It's interesting seeing him learning well his letters and numbers even though I don't focus on this information a lot in our schooling. But through reading and copywork he's doing good at picking it up. After this book we read a story about a tiger called "Kattor". He was a rather silly young tiger who had to learn a lot growing up.

This afternoon we need to take dad to the eye doctor so we're going to go see a movie called "African Cats".
African Cat
An epic true story set against the backdrop of one of the wildest places on Earth, "African Cats" captures the real-life love, humor and determination of the majestic kings of the savanna. The story features Mara, an endearing lion cub who strives to grow up with her mother's strength, spirit and wisdom; Sita, a fearless cheetah and single mother of five mischievous newborns; and Fang, a proud leader of the pride who must defend his family from a once banished lion. Disneynature brings "The Lion King" to life on the big screen in this True Life Adventure directed by Keith Scholey and Alastair Fothergill ("Earth"). An awe-inspiring adventure blending family bonds with the power and cunning of the wild, "African Cats" leaps into theatres on Earth Day, April 22, 2011.

Director: Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey

Here's the official site.

Carnations and more

Over the past two weeks we took some time to study Mother's Day. This Mother's day unit study was done by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.. Here is day one/two and day three/four.

I have to admit...I was feeling somewhat reticent about studying Mother's Day but chose to do so because I'm often surprised at what details are pulled out of studies that I never expected. This study, though not a favourite of either me or my son, was no different than studies I've undertaken in the past. To my surprise, I actually learned something, and at times was able to take an unappreciated study and turn elements of it into something my son appreciated. :)

For instance I learned why on Mother's Day a carnation is given to each lady in our church. The carnation is actually the flower of Mother's day. Bet YOU didn't know that either.

My son had fun learning abit about different countries and seeing where they are on the map. He particularly seemed to enjoy figuring out what different countries looked like (aka Italy looks like a boot) and then looking for them. Scotland had us fooled for a while since it wasn't colour-coded or labelled very well on our world map.

We had fun finding countries, we found it interesting that it's not hosted on the same day all over the world, we found it boring that it's basically done the same where-ever you go.

Each day has a theme.

Day 1: What Is Mother’s Day?

Day 2: The History of Mother’s Day

Day 3: Celebrating Mother’s Day

Day 4: Preparing for Mother’s Day

Day 5: Goodies for Mother’s Day

My son had fun drawing cards for me and for his gramma. I liked that I was able to forego looking up some words in the dictionary and through questions help my lad figure out what words meant.

I had a firm appreciation for how scripture was brought into play with this lesson. Helping my son sehttp://www2.blogger.com/img/blank.gife how God used women in the lives of the men he did great works through was interesting.

All in all, this study was well-done and I would encourage anyone interested in learning more of why this Mother's Day holiday was started to check it out.

I received a copy of this lapbook/unit study in exchange for my fair and honest review.

more reviews can be found here.


Was looking at this Math Art class on currclick and learned a couple new terms.

Mandala and Tessellation.

Both are these are math, done in art form.
Not quite for us yet, but it was interesting learning. :)

Did our Blue Spruce Voting

Here are the books up for voting this year.

The Blue Spruce™ Award is a provincial primary reading program which brings recently published Canadian children's picture books to Ontario children ages 4 to 7 in kindergarten through to grade two. For many children, this is their first introduction to the world of books; it is a very exciting time for everyone.

The students will peruse/read 10 nominated Canadian picture books and then vote for their favourite book. They need to have at least perused/read 5 of 10 to be eligible to vote. They also can have these books read to them to be eligible to vote. Based on student voting across the province, the best picture book is then selected and the author/illustrator is honoured with the Blue Spruce™ Award.

The goals of the Blue Spruce™ Award program are:
  • to promote reading for enjoyment and information among primary students
  • to make students aware of quality Canadian picture books including Canadian authors and illustrators
  • to develop the student's skill in evaluating a picture book based on story, text and pictures
  • to provide opportunities for students to discuss the picture books in an authentic manner

This is the result of our reading and what the lad appreciated (or not).

He liked Thinkamajink the very best -- liked this one enough that it inspired stories
followed by in order of liking

C'mere boy
imaginary garden
proud as a peacock
jack the bear
perfect snow

sorta liked: willow whispers

HATED violet. this was a quite adamant "I HATE that book mommy"

Mother's Day Study continued

Today we did some work on the Mother's day unit study done by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.. Made this copywork sheet of 1 Samuel 1:27. Today we did day three and four.

We practiced animal husbandry by giving the cats a bath! They very much needed it.

My laugh of the day:
We were researching how the Scots do mother's day and we saw a picture of cottage pie and my son's response when I asked if we should celebrate mom's day like the Scots was "If you tried to serve me that I might accidentally throw up."

and right after saying that he learned the pencils break if you apply enough pressure. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT MOMMY! I didn't know it would happen! :)

We had fun with the languages page, where we learned to say mother's day in various languages.

and then we did some science by making some cookies. :) I threatened to leave out the chocolate chip cookies to see what might happen...and that was met with a look of horror! So we didn't do that. :) had fun none-the-less.

Home School Book Sales

So last night I went to a baptist church in London that was having a homeschool book sale.

I bought some books that were NOT school book related. Just general Christian fiction that I figured was a good price for the book box and that I could resell at more than what I bought it for at our annual yard sale. :) that way I have MORE money to buy more books right? :) and worst comes to worst...I'll have enjoyed doing some reading.

Anyways, picked up a pack of manipulatives. They kinda look like this but in lots of different colours. $4.00 I figured why not. :)

This morning the lad was quite intrigued by them and wanted to be able to add them to his play city and was sadly disappointed when I said NO... these are for homeschooling ONLY. We do math with them.

Being the lad that he is... he still managed to make a game out them. Only to occasionally be called off his play with them in order to do some math. It was interesting to see a light dawn in his eyes when he realized that.. 10 black bomb birds were still 10 black bomb birds even if they were divided into two groups of 1 + 9, or 5 + 5 and so forth. This is why I got them even though I KNOW that I can use all sorts of stuff around the house as manipulatives for math. I had him do some group division, count how many colours there and so forth as well.

I got a bunch of other books as well. A couple of readings, a three book set of bible dictionary, a small reading program, a science book, a music theory book, some learning type books and a few fiction books. All for less than $50. I was overall pleased with what I got.

Ireland inspired

Ever since doing the Ireland study the lad's been somewhat intrigued by castles.

So one day...we built one. :)

It has now been added to his city upstairs in his bedroom.

He occasionally asks if we can build another one, and since I can't remember where I picked this up, all I can say is "I don't know buddy, we'll have to see if I can find another one."

Our Bridges Work

I went to the Goodwill Book Store in London and picked up a whole whack of books. One of them was this book by Etta Kaner called Bridges.

I started reading through it with the lad while he was digging in his dinosaur egg. We got intrigued.... Being intrigued in our household means let's experiment and see what happens.

Chapter One is on Beam Bridges.

HAH! Easy enough to experiment with these! And besides...the book clearly lays out the experiments one can do.

We started with Page 7, build a beam bridge. All we needed was two bricks, paper (used cardstock) and plasticine (or some other such modelling clay).

easy enough...set up your bricks. Place a piece of cardstock over it. How many plasticine bricks will it hold? We learned it ALL depends on where you place them. Smack dab in the middle...Three MAX. BUT if you put some on either end before you put them in the middle it will hold more. SEE .....
not anchored


Then the book said try doubling the paper, and folding the paper in different ways. So we doubled the paper.. it held a bit more than twice as much weight without being anchored (about 8), and when it was anchored we could put all the made bricks (about 15) on top.

We made a waffle bridge... and WOW!! that just amazed us. We put ALL the plasticine we had on top and it didn't break! One end crumpled a bit but that we think, was due to mommy's poor folding job at that end.

and angry black bomb bird could sit underneath quite safely. :)

Then we moved on to page 12 as I just wasn't quite sure how to do the in-between pages and decided thinking on those a bit would be a good thing.

So we tested out different types of columns. Square, Triangle and Rectangle
we started with two DVD's

we added more.
the triangle really started to quiver and shake

we managed to get one more book on top
and then the square one gave one unfortunately falling
into the circle one.

We went for a walk afterwards and discovered there are columns everywhere...even the trees are columns! We decided that was very smart of God to make the trees grow in the strongest shape. Circular columns were by far the most common column that we found, though most that most porch railings use square columns which didn't make any sense to the lad. "how will these hold up a person mommy? they are the wrong shape! they are square! they should be circled!"

I had no answer for him....do any of you???

April 13 - What we did today

Today we did some work on the Mother's day unit study done by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.. We did a copywork sheet on Genesis 3:20. We had the fun of discovering the Go Fish Guys.

We did days one and two. If you want to know more Click here to view more details.

We learned the history of Mom's day, the lad drew some pictures, did some copywork, saw what the flower of mother's day was (the carnation), and took in some geography as well. He had a great deal of fun making me a mom's day card. :) The lad's response to day one and two of this study "I liked drawing the card for you mommy but I didn't like the rest of it."

Then we had lunch and headed off to the library.

We got out a whole bunch of new books and had fun playing trains. We added a twist to the train play today...we took pieces of the toddler puzzles (animal shapes) and had them in the train area. The pigs had a zoo and the angry birds broke down the walls and well...the animals all got out. The pigs rebuilt the zoo and to compensate themselves for having to rebuild started over-charging the animals for their food so the animals all went out and got jobs. It was a fun story that taught concepts as well. :)

Out to the park for a walk afterwards. We had a good time walking around the pond. We saw a goose on eggs and two muskrats eating grass and watched them dive into the pond through a hole in the ground. Then we saw a white thing in the water. It made us VERY curious so we tried to get it onto the shore... as we moved it we saw that it was an egg! We tried hard to bring it in but the soil at the side of the pond has a edge to it so we lost it under that edge. :( Made us both disappointed. The lad said "NEXT TIME MOMMY. Let me do it!" So we spent some more time trying to locate more eggs...goose, duck, bird ...anything eggs, but no such luck, but a good time had tramping around the pond looking hard for them and scaring up ducks and geese as we went.

Then home to make supper and to relax. A good day overall. :)

What we Learned today - April 12, 2011

me - "Hey Son, what do you think we should have for breakfast this morning?"

the lad - "IRISH PANCAKES!" "you got to remember mommy, I like Irish pancakes". (this said with a very earnest face)

So this is what we made (i cut the recipe in half)
Here is an easy way to make thin pancakes:

4 oz/ 125g/ 1 cup plain flour
pinch of salt
2 eggs
1/2 pt/ 250ml/ 1 cup milk
1 tbsp melted butter

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend for about 30 seconds. The batter should then be allowed to stand for 30 minutes in a cool place. Heat a small pan over a medium heat. Grease with a little butter and wipe out with kitchen paper. Fry about 2 tbsp of batter at a time, swirling to cover the base of the pan. Keep them thin and there will be no need to turn. Serve rolled up with sugar. (we roll with cinnamon sugar)
Today we have a simple plan. Have breakfast, break open a dinosaur egg (purchased from dollar store) and talk about dinosaurs, paleontology, archaeology while doing so. Start our review of Mother's Day for DNG, clean the kitchen, play outside, and see what else we can fit in. :)

But for now...BREAKFAST! :)

we enjoyed our breakfast and then dug up two dinosaurs.
The lad had dug up this one yesterday at gramma's: stegosaurus
and today he dug up: Dilophasaurus

and I dug up a Parasaurolophus

Then we had fun letting our imaginary bunnies dig them up as well. One was the digger (archaeologist) and the other was the puzzler (Paleontologist) who put the dinosaurs together.

looked at doing this.

We never did do the mother's day unit study, but we did do other things... like we read books and did some experiments on bridges. I'll be posting pictures (go here for those)!

Israel, Day Two

This video is a bit long, but I like it better as an overview of Bethlehem than the one provided to us. :)

Did you know that salt isn't always white? (yeah, I didn't know that either, neither did the boy child). Here's more info on salt.

We learned about the dugong (sea cow or siren of the sea), about Bethlehem, the dead sea. We had fun doing an experiment with salt (that's my favourite part mommy), and did some drawing. A good study time this afternoon.

This study is part of Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. called Expedition Israel. This is part of the Expedition Series, this is where you can find all the titles in that series.

This morning we had gone to bible study/story hour.

Playing and Doing Homeschool

Our Tuesday generally consist of play, homeschool, play, homeschool and so forth. I normally throw in doing dishes, laundry, and so forth.

We mix it up with some computer time, science time, art work etc. It's usually a very enjoyable day.

Today we did two lessons in Reading Kingdom. Reading Kingdom uses a whole word approach, I tend to be more of phonetics person, but I see no harm in learning a different way. I figure a varied approach is not always a bad thing. There are good and bad points to each way of learning how to read. We are currently doing a trial period to see how it goes.

We then did two lessons from Head of the Class. This is their kindergarten page. One where I wanted him to do a simple exercise but had to look at the first letter in order to figure out what colour he had to do. For a younger child I would have read the word, but I wanted the lad to sound it out and then make his decision. He did fairly well. It's called Colours. Then I was wanting to do something kinda artsy cause well.. he's that type of child. So I saw this one called Stitch and Sew. I expected it to be the normal yarn/shoelace around a pattern...but it was actual needle and thread sewing. The boy was QUITE pleased with himself and showed off his art work to dad. "I did it myself daddy". I helped for the first bit and around the tricky bits, and we didn't do the heart as shown in the video..we did a cat. The lad was quite very pleased with himself, and I have to admit, I was quite pleased as well. We talked about the parts of a needle, the thread, I tied in the bible verse about the camel going through the eye of the needle and so forth.

Then we played for a while. ended up going for a walk instead of reading and then cleaning the kitchen. on our walk we met the dirties, They make you act like dirt until
someone uses a machine to make you human again.
Here is the lad being dirt.

The lad also wanted to do his make a pizza program as well. and then we watched the spy next door and played doctor at the same time with a bunch of sick stuffies. :) Always an interesting day in the life here. :)

just before bed he had fun making leaf creations. He made all sorts of interesting creatures, learning to resize, rotate and just exercise his creative intelligence.

Review: expedition Israel

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. has given us a new study called Expedition Israels. This is part of the Expedition Series, this is where you can find all the titles in that series.

You know, I expected my lad to enjoy this study as much as he did Expedition Ireland, but it wasn't as much of a hit. not sure why...other than the Canaan Dog on the first day...hmm... Perhaps that's what caused him to not want to go further with it, or maybe it was just that we had a crazy busy week and he needed downtime (playtime more than he needed book/computer work). I suspect the latter more than the former. So bear that in mind as I do this review. :)

We completed one day.. Day One. We got Day Two done!

This is how the days are laid out for Study
Day 1: Where on Earth Is Israel?
Day 2: Some of the Special Places in Israel
Day 3: A Bit of History
Day 4: Cool Things to Know About Israel
Day 5: Fun and Games in Israel

I have to admit, we did have some good learning go on with Day One.
We read books, had fun finding Israel on a map and we even looked up different ways to get there from where we live... by boat and by plane. AND even going by plane/boat and driving by vehicle. So it was quite interesting. I have plans to do at least one, perhaps two more days this upcoming week. To my son's chagrin the animal of the day was a dog.. "I DON"T LIKE DOGS MOMMY!" But we did have fun learning if we could pick up said dog... we decided it would be easy for mommy, but not so easy (but still doable) for a five year old as long it was a smaller one and didn't move.

Just so what do you get with a DownloadN'Go study published by Amanda Bennett Unit Studies? You get a pack with everything well laid out for you. You get child friendly graphics, Vocabulary, lapbook activities, note booking activities, tons of videos to watch and actually SEE what you are talking/learning about, a variety of different types of activities so you aren't doing the same thing over and over again. They are quite interesting to do.

These lesson cover all sorts of subject areas: history, geography, science, math, english, arts, religion and more. They are well done studies and I enjoy doing them.

Here's a pic so you can see:
Once again, Expedition Israel is well worth your time to check out. This lesson contains the following: a geographic feature of the day, animal of the day, food of the day, a daily hero of Israel, Biblical events, and a Hebrew word of the day. We are planning this coming week to have the grandparents up for an Israeli meal. Should be fun to do that. :)

I do need to mention that I was given a copy of this study so that I could give you my honest review of it. To visit more reviews on Expedition Israel, please follow the thumbnails below.