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Over the past two weeks we took some time to study Mother's Day. This Mother's day unit study was done by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.. Here is day one/two and day three/four.

I have to admit...I was feeling somewhat reticent about studying Mother's Day but chose to do so because I'm often surprised at what details are pulled out of studies that I never expected. This study, though not a favourite of either me or my son, was no different than studies I've undertaken in the past. To my surprise, I actually learned something, and at times was able to take an unappreciated study and turn elements of it into something my son appreciated. :)

For instance I learned why on Mother's Day a carnation is given to each lady in our church. The carnation is actually the flower of Mother's day. Bet YOU didn't know that either.

My son had fun learning abit about different countries and seeing where they are on the map. He particularly seemed to enjoy figuring out what different countries looked like (aka Italy looks like a boot) and then looking for them. Scotland had us fooled for a while since it wasn't colour-coded or labelled very well on our world map.

We had fun finding countries, we found it interesting that it's not hosted on the same day all over the world, we found it boring that it's basically done the same where-ever you go.

Each day has a theme.

Day 1: What Is Mother’s Day?

Day 2: The History of Mother’s Day

Day 3: Celebrating Mother’s Day

Day 4: Preparing for Mother’s Day

Day 5: Goodies for Mother’s Day

My son had fun drawing cards for me and for his gramma. I liked that I was able to forego looking up some words in the dictionary and through questions help my lad figure out what words meant.

I had a firm appreciation for how scripture was brought into play with this lesson. Helping my son se how God used women in the lives of the men he did great works through was interesting.

All in all, this study was well-done and I would encourage anyone interested in learning more of why this Mother's Day holiday was started to check it out.

I received a copy of this lapbook/unit study in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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