Mother's Day Study continued

Today we did some work on the Mother's day unit study done by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.. Made this copywork sheet of 1 Samuel 1:27. Today we did day three and four.

We practiced animal husbandry by giving the cats a bath! They very much needed it.

My laugh of the day:
We were researching how the Scots do mother's day and we saw a picture of cottage pie and my son's response when I asked if we should celebrate mom's day like the Scots was "If you tried to serve me that I might accidentally throw up."

and right after saying that he learned the pencils break if you apply enough pressure. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT MOMMY! I didn't know it would happen! :)

We had fun with the languages page, where we learned to say mother's day in various languages.

and then we did some science by making some cookies. :) I threatened to leave out the chocolate chip cookies to see what might happen...and that was met with a look of horror! So we didn't do that. :) had fun none-the-less.

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