Our Bridges Work

I went to the Goodwill Book Store in London and picked up a whole whack of books. One of them was this book by Etta Kaner called Bridges.

I started reading through it with the lad while he was digging in his dinosaur egg. We got intrigued.... Being intrigued in our household means let's experiment and see what happens.

Chapter One is on Beam Bridges.

HAH! Easy enough to experiment with these! And besides...the book clearly lays out the experiments one can do.

We started with Page 7, build a beam bridge. All we needed was two bricks, paper (used cardstock) and plasticine (or some other such modelling clay).

easy enough...set up your bricks. Place a piece of cardstock over it. How many plasticine bricks will it hold? We learned it ALL depends on where you place them. Smack dab in the middle...Three MAX. BUT if you put some on either end before you put them in the middle it will hold more. SEE .....
not anchored


Then the book said try doubling the paper, and folding the paper in different ways. So we doubled the paper.. it held a bit more than twice as much weight without being anchored (about 8), and when it was anchored we could put all the made bricks (about 15) on top.

We made a waffle bridge... and WOW!! that just amazed us. We put ALL the plasticine we had on top and it didn't break! One end crumpled a bit but that we think, was due to mommy's poor folding job at that end.

and angry black bomb bird could sit underneath quite safely. :)

Then we moved on to page 12 as I just wasn't quite sure how to do the in-between pages and decided thinking on those a bit would be a good thing.

So we tested out different types of columns. Square, Triangle and Rectangle
we started with two DVD's

we added more.
the triangle really started to quiver and shake

we managed to get one more book on top
and then the square one gave one unfortunately falling
into the circle one.

We went for a walk afterwards and discovered there are columns everywhere...even the trees are columns! We decided that was very smart of God to make the trees grow in the strongest shape. Circular columns were by far the most common column that we found, though most that most porch railings use square columns which didn't make any sense to the lad. "how will these hold up a person mommy? they are the wrong shape! they are square! they should be circled!"

I had no answer for him....do any of you???

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