Chocolate Continued.....

Chocolate Challenge

Today we continued our study of the DownloadNGo unit study/lapbook on CHOCOLATE! The lad's reaction when I told him what we were going to study was "YEAH!!" This study is done by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.

The outline of this study is as follows.
Day 1: Chocolate – What Is It?
Day 2: The Story of Chocolate
Day 3: The Types of Chocolate
Day 4: The Science of Chocolate
Day 5: Let’s Have a Chocolate Party!

Today we took large chunks from days 3-5. We can't get it all done today since we need to get Chocolate for our chocolate party. But we've got good plans.

We learned about the process for making chocolate, we had fun visiting our neighbours and calling family to fill in our Chocolate graph, found countries on our globe and world map, and learned a bit about fractions and using a ruler.

The chocolate car above inspired a "WOW!!! Mommy! I want to sit in it!"

a good study

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