Review: Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Challenge

Today am doing our official review of the downloadngo unit study/lapbook. on CHOCOLATE! The lad's reaction when I told him what we were going to study was "YEAH!!" This study is done by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.

The outline of this study is as follows.
Day 1: Chocolate – What Is It?
Day 2: The Story of Chocolate
Day 3: The Types of Chocolate
Day 4: The Science of Chocolate
Day 5: Let’s Have a Chocolate Party!

We did day 1-2 here, and days 3-5 here. Our jobs and chocolatier continued for a few days. After soccer on Thursday we went to the local bulk barn store and purchased just a wee little bit of the varieties of chocolate they had available, and then stopped at the dollarama to check out what unique chocolate bars they might have. it's been fun.

For the chocolatier part of things we've been smelling, examining, cutting in half, checking out textures, and first tastes and last tastes of all sorts of chocolate. Because I like a five year old to sleep at night I'm only letting him do 5-7 samples at a time.

This has been a fun study to do. We've gone country hunting, learned about the rainforest and why ... for the sake of chocolate.. that cutting down the big trees in the rainforest is NOT a good idea. Chocolate trees need the right type of shade and sun and humidity to grow. If they don't have it, then they don't grow the pods, and no pods = no chocolate. This would be "a bad thing, Mommy. I like chocolate!" We learned some history and saw how many machines have been made to help with the art of making chocolate. The making chocolate into art was quite interesting.... that chocolate can be like playdoh! "Wow, mommy! That's playdoh I can eat right mommy?"

These units contain LOTS of on-line links. Which is great! and I love how responsive they are when things don't work well. I imagine it is difficult to find links that will consistently work. And this is one thing I would like to change about these units...that the answers to some questions could be actually put into the unit for those times when links don't work and one really doesn't know the answer to the question or problem posed. Testing to see if links work world-wide is also something that would be nice to see done (though I suppose that's the job of us reviewers right?) :) But 99% of the time, all links work and well.

The videos are interesting and embedded to help control the amount of ads that can be seen by watchful eyes. It was good to be able to experiment with chocolate.. I even got up the nerve to make chocolate pretzels...thoroughly enjoyed by all the people attending our HOPE days today. We had hoped to make fudge but I think that will need to wait for another day...perhaps this coming week sometime. :)

The lad really enjoyed this study, he had fun making a map of Brazil. using a puzzle map book that we just picked up.
We made chocolate Chip cookies, and chocolate pretzels, and eyed some chocolate cake. Chocolate milk of course had to be enjoyed...after's what the Mayans and Aztecs drank.


  1. We enjoyed it, too! Who wouldn't!!

  2. You "like a five year old to sleep," now that's funny. This was the first experience my four year old had rating something. He had fun sampling and learning about a scale of 1-5. Everything was 1, 4 or 5! :)


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