Science and the library

in preparation for a science class on Thursday we did some sensory experiments this morning.

first I hid a bunch of things in socks. The lad had to feel and guess through the sock at first. he got about half of them correct. And the remainder he had to feel without looking in the sock to see the object might be. He got two more listening and thinking in his head about what they might be. The rest he guessed and was surprised by.

Then we moved into the kitchen where he had to look, smell, feel and then taste to determine what was what. I paired items such as salt and sugar, sprinkles and cane sugar, protein powder and flour, cinnamon sugar and cocoa...and something brand new to him...chia seeds. He found it difficult to wear a blind fold as he just wanted to know NOW what he was getting into, but he learned how sometimes you have to use more than one sense to figure out what something is. :)

we then did some experiments with air out of a new science book we have. The lad had a hoot. :) That lad loves to build and experiment. We did experiments 1-3. water, balloons and air...what more could a five year old ask for?

our new science book:
hands on earth science activities for k-6 by marvin tolman

Going to the library this afternoon as my rabbit person hasn't called yet. Will forward the phone in case she does. We should be able to walk home in the time it takes for her to call coming from London. (that's if she calls of course).

Oh... discovered a cousin of mine is an "unschooler". She writes a blog called Jazzy Mama. have to admit, I don't quite get being an unschooler, but I sorta do. We think a bit differently but that's okay. I can't quite wrap my head around COMPLETELY being an unschooler ...but some of the concepts such as following your children's passions in learning makes sense to me. But to not deliberately teach your children something... just doesn't seem quite right somehow.. but I may be misconstruing what' unschooling' is really all about. :)

oh, as some folks know... I do review for Amanda Bennett Unit Studies...their download N Go units. They are having a summer fun promotion right now.

books we are returning to the library today are:

The lad enjoyed going through each of these non-fiction books.

Castles by RJ Unstead.

From Sand to Glass by Shannon Zemlicka

Animals in Dangerous Places by Clare Oliver

Sphynx Cats by Nancy Furstinger

Let's look at Flying Machines published by Lorenz Books

Then we have these fiction books

The boy who loved bananas by george elliot
this was just sheer fun to read and inspired lots of bunny town stories.

Stella Louella's Runaway Book by Lisa Campbell Ernst
A busy book with lots of pictures, with the query...will she catch up to it??

Bagels from Benny by Aubrey Davis
The lad's response "There's pretzel's in this book! They are yummy!"
My response: I enjoyed this book, taught a few things, caused questions to be asked.

My Think-a-ma-Jink by Dave Whamond
LOVED LOVED this book the lad did. it's a blue spruce book. Well written and fun.

And here's to you by david elliot
Surprisingly, the boy liked this book. He'd growl at the odd page here and there that he didn't like, but overall he liked it and started "reading" it with me.

The Imaginary Garden by Andrew larsen
Enjoyed by both mom and son. Inspires our desire to do it ourselves.

Second Best by jane eagland
Enjoyed this book enough that he wants to have his own show and tell animal day.

The magic toolbox by Mie Araki
A good read, with frustration turning to satisfaction.

The Old Red Tractor by Andreas Dierssen
the lad says "I liked it".
It's a good book, well worth reading.

One more acorn by Don Freeman
The earl book mommy! the earl book! I want to read it!


  1. Hi Annette.
    Thanks for sending a little link-love my way! :-)

    Can my kids come over and see your bunnies and guinea pigs some time? Being not so into animals myself, I'm always afraid that my kids are missing out on the joy that some kids experience from learning about pets.

    Joy and Freedom to You!

  2. I'd be delighted to host you some day. just shoot me an email. :)


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