Week update

Tuesday we tried to pick up our new car. That didn't work so we spent some time with oma and papa, building with a new to the lad toy, having lunch and just spending family time. It was a good time all-round. :)

Wednesday and Thursday this week we've spent a good portion of our days outside. did some gardening, went for a nature walk at Wildwood conservation area. I have tons of pics but its late so I can add those another day. The lad had a hoot and even learned a thing or two. :) We did this walk as part of our time with HOPE. Took about two hours and was just a good learning and spending time with each other time. Played at the park for 10 minutes afterwards.

Thursday (that was today!) we um... what did we do.. the lad played out his time at Mad Science last week. Had a hoot with some bunnies...taught one that screaming when caught was just silliness... Dusty is a very easily started bunny and certainly likes to tell the world about it. played soccer this afternoon...mommy was the coach this week so that was different. and then when we got home to pulled rhubarb, played for a while, put bunnies back in cages. Came inside had snack and went to bed. (at least the lad did). Mommy was tired so just kept herself busy tonight.

Anyways, goodnight all!

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