Monarch butterflies

this is Chris.

he is a monarch butterfly.

we found his egg while camping.

He seems like a nice 'lad' (not that I know if he is a lad or not, but the lad we have is enjoying watching him grow).

We've successfully hatched out into adult stage a white Moth in the past, so we're hoping to be successful with Chris the monarch as well.

This site is helpful in teaching more about monarchs.

We're finding it an interesting experience. We lost one monarch egg to ants, we lost another when we changed out the leaves (they didn't transition well), so we're hopeful that this time will be more successful. Time will indeed tell.

That lad is VERY much into capturing caterpillars lately and seeing if we can get them to change into moths and butterflies lately.

His latest capture was a fuzzy red caterpillar that poops/pees and runs VERY fast when you attempt to catch him. It's was quite the achievement for the lad to catch him. We've never had another caterpillar do that so it was quite the learning experience.

Some caterpillars we've learned don't handle capture well so we don't catch them. Some will just up and die. Others within a day or two will pupate. Others just wander and seem to do well in captivity. It's been educational to say the least.

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