We Choose Virtues

We Choose Virtues is a company that makes a quality product. They focus on providing materials that help parents/teachers teach their children virtues.

The Crafty Classroom is hosting a giveway of their products, and give an extra entry for blogging about it, so here I am. :)

I have to admit to having mixed feelings about a curriculum that teaches virtues.

On one hand I see it as a helpful tool for people to use to teach character to their children.
BUT on the other hand... with good biblical training doesn't one teach these character traits as one lives life?

So it's a mixed bag for me. The helpfulness on the one hand in promoting vs the taking away from the parental responsibility to simply train as one lives life. It seems schoolish to me. As in the public school actually have built curriculums to teach character in the school system because so many parents are working and abdicating some of their responsibilities in this regard.

I don't tend to see homeschooling parents doing this. We're with our children mostly all the time so it's hard for us to let that sort of thing slip.

But on the other hand... it is an aid. And should aids be shunned? or merely carefully examined?

A mixed bag. I haven't made up my mind.

What do you all think?

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  1. Hello! I just came across this comment and I couldn't agree with you more! Teaching our children character is our responsibility and privilege as parents and far to many people rely on quick fixes or abdicate this to other people in their child's life.

    I am the creator of We Choose Virtues. This tool helps parents establish a clear standard, a consistent language, and a direction to aim our families. It helps us capitalize on those teachable moments...but without attempting to do the job for us!

    Thank you for your insight and for letting me comment!



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