Library Day

Today we had plans to get lots done, but everyone got up late today so that didn't quite work out.

So we managed to get some homeschool done using a book that I have upstairs. The lad learned about reading book titles, how to take care of them, and did some letter recognition work. He did some good thinking today, and some, at times, easy work. "I know how to do this mommy, I'm good at circling". He also is starting to see that some words not only sound the same, but they are spelled the same as well. :)

We went out for lunch to subway as I needed to go there anyways to pick up my pay stubs and what not. Had a bit of a visit with the girls. :)

Then off to independent to pick up a couple of items and then over to the library where we picked out moon books, some reading books, and played with the train table.

Over to Dollerama to get some experiment supplies and got sidetracked by a couple other things. :)

Did laundry throughout the day. Talked with the boy a fair bit and played some.

At home we had a "grub it meal" in we found food, we ate it. Nothing fancy by any means.

Tomorrow is another day indeed. :)