Friday activities

Yes, I know I'm posting two days late, ah well. :)

Friday was a fix the computer day. It finally decided that having the internet was optional, and was moving dead slow so... Jim "killed it"(my language). I saved everything I could to the external drive and he saved the rest there as well. We mostly have it working again.

Justin and I worked on a Moses activity book and played a game or two. We also practiced some letters. He had to think and memorize. He asked lots of questions about why would God send all those bad things to the Egyptians?

Bible Sticker Activity books : The story of Moses (isbn 0-8423-2017-2) is the booklet that we used. I got it years ago from Focus on the Family I THINK. Hmm... the book came up on Amazon, but without a price so not sure if it's still available through them or not.