Expedition Ireland Review

Click here to visit Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. Amanda has put together an excellent study on Ireland. Called Expedition Ireland we had ALOT of fun doing this. We took the week to do it you can find each day here: Day one, day 2-3 with our Irish meal day,and day 4-5.

Expedition Ireland is a great study, one that we've enjoyed doing. I can't say that we did everything in it, but we did a lot of it. We did most of the animals of the day, all of the geographic daily items, we practiced saying "prata, and diah duit", we enjoyed watching hurling, and learning about Irish hares. Just a lovely study...great for a curious five year old. :)

One of the things I like about these studies is that I'm not forced to do them a certain way. If I want to do something, but not something else...it doesn't affect the integrity of the unit. For instance... sheep...No interest in studying a sheep... but we did look up the place where those sheep came from. No biggie. We took a rabbit trail when we learned about the Irish hare and then came back to the study. it's all good.

Each day has an overall topic. Each day follows a similar plan. Geographic feature of the day, animal of the day, word of the day etc.

Day 1: Where on Earth is Ireland?
Day 2: The Places of Ireland
Day 3: A Bit of History
Day 4: Cool Things to Know about Ireland
Day 5: Fun and Games in Ireland

Full of child friendly graphics.
Lots of drawing.
Some math.
Lots of suggested reading. We got a ton of books out of the library...none of which were suggested, but they were what we had available. :) We had fun reading about leprechauns , and other such tales of Ireland. We learned that Ireland is a lad of music and storytellers. And we touched just a wee bit on the "troubles" of Ireland and how sad it is that they can't just agree to disagree about their differences.

I have to tell you that I got a copy of this study for my honest review of it. Seriously, St. Patrick's day is just around the corner, why not get this study and learn more of the people for whom this is their national holiday?

You can read what other people thought of this study here.

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We finished the study for Expedition Ireland today produced by Amanda Bennett Unit Studies. . Boy... we had fun doing this. I think it's funny. The lad has trouble sitting still, and keeps asking "are we done yet". BUT when asked what he thinks of Ireland and what we learned "I liked it mommy! Ireland is interesting".
We found this video while we were studying the Irish Hare for the Ireland study from Amanda Bennett Unit Studies. It made both of us laugh...watching this silly hare binkying. :

We played a game showing how a hare can turn really fast, and that's why hares can soon turn into too many. We had fun racing around the house and learning. We did this because one of the youtube links led to a hare being chased by some hawks and getting away from them because it zigged and zagged.

Today we found the longest river in Ireland, we made a brochure of places to visit, did an animal matching activity, and had fun looking at hare videos.

Twas a good day to learn a thing or two. :)