this week and hopping popcorn

This week has been an interesting one.
Tuesday we cleaned the bookroom and read poems, books, and talked alot about all kinds of different things.
Wednesday we went to Dufflebag Theatre in London. We saw the Three Musketeers. We had a total hoot.
Thursday we did more reading, some book work with numbers and what not.

Friday I was called into work so Dad and son worked on Hopping Popcorn, Day One. The Lad had told me that he wanted dad to do day one of hopping popcorn with him. So I got it ready for them to do. Hopping Popcorn is produced by Amanda Bennett Unit Studies.

I created this copysheet for them. :) I had them use this site to learn the parts of the corn plant. :)

They apparently did well doing the lesson, the lad learned that there are 6 kinds of corn, but only ONE kind pops and that corn came from a type of grass.

In evening we went to gymnastics. It has been changed from Monday due to the Family Day holiday. certainly was not nearly as busy as it usually is on Mondays.