What we Learned today - March 4, 2011

Today the lad and I worked on telling time and writing out the long I, long U and short o sounds as well as figuring out first letters in words from a choice of three.

We also did colouring and designing of some of our own art work.

Then we made a Canada puzzle. I tried to find a pic of it for you but was unable to do so. I do know that I bought it at "the bargain shop" though. It's a really good puzzle as it has all the provincial flags on it. and has basic coordinates on the outside edge of the map. It's a really good one to do with a five year old as it helps him practice his numbers and alphabet, and the flags are easy for them to figure out so they are able to help well making a bigger then normal for them puzzle. We practiced finding coordinates (map reading), learning the province names (geography) and team work.

The rest of the day was spent watching a movie (stuart little 3) and doing laundry. :)

Nyiragongo Crater

This was interesting to learn about.

Hubby found that tidbit of information about the Nyiragongo Crater. The lad and I sat and looked at the pictures and talked about it. It's very hard to convey to a five year old lad how dangerous all that melted rock would be, and how the gases are dangerous.

He found it quite interesting how they had to protect the cameras too. :)