Israel and having fun tracing shapes

Today for breakfast we read through two books we got out on Israel.

A is for Abraham by Richard Michelson.

In this book we learned about the Sh'ma that Jewish children learn. We decided that learning it would not be a bad thing. So I made a copywork sheet of it for the lad to copy and we'll be learning it over the next week.

We also read "Count your way through Israel" by Jim Haskins.

the lad asked lots of questions with this book and did some counting.
he was quite intrigued by the fact that the people of Israel have made the desert productive
AND they brought the leopard/jaguar back!

The basis of our study will be the DownloadNGo unit study created by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. It is called Expedition Israel.

While I prepared the study my son had fun tracing out shapes from some templates that I recently picked up from the dollar store. Just another way to increase his awareness of different ways that people can be artists. :) Fun and learning.

we enjoyed this site when studying Israel.

We had fun trying to see if we could lift up a Canaan dog. The result : yes...but it would be really really hard if you are a five year old boy weighing in a 52 lbs (and only a small dog at that). :)

We read a couple more books during lunch about Israel.

Israel by Kristin Thoennes

This was a very informative book.
Lots of pictures and text that fit well with it.

Cooking the Israeli Way

This book just intrigues us as to what to make for our Israeli dinner next week.
Though when shown a picture of a felafal the lad went "ew". :)
So perhaps we won't make that. :)

After lunch it was time to clean house, play the keyboard (working on learning 'rejoice rejoice'), and play computer games. Today it was doing a memory game, a cat discovery game and building a pizza. When that was done we went for a walk on this lovely sunny day.