Art work and a story

Justin's story behind this painting.

two bunnies are running and they are going over the speed limit.
and the police are going over the speed limit too.
Do you know why?

Because there are bad space aliens coming after them from Mars and Jupiter. From Every planet except from earth.

The rock is in front of the sun turning it black.

There are guns shooting through the air at the bunnies.
The bus is trying to get past the bunnies and their car.
The bullets are going in every direction..even after the car!

THEN>>>> do you know how many bullets the alien has in his space gun? A trillion million of them. And he is going to keep shooting them.

the thing that shoots the bullets controls itself. And the space alien can't stop it until it runs all out of bullets.

There is just one space alien but he has different coloured bullets because sometimes he visits planets and takes stuff off their planets to make his bullets. So some are red and yellow and blue ones.. and they all control themselves. One side shoots yellow and red, and the other side shoots ALL blue. AND he's even now shooting some bullets toward the sun!!!!

and the driver of the bus is one of the angry birds and he's talking "oh oh...the sun's going to burn out one of these days". And he's going over the speed limit because he doesn't want to shot by the bad alien.

Off the picture are some bunnies who have landed their rocket and their rocket is on a meteorite and they forgot their coordinates back to earth. The astronaut(who is the space alien) wants the meteorite to go boom because he wants the bunnies to fall back to earth and fall on a building with a flame thingey on it so that he can take over the world.

--- can you catch glimpses of things that have been studied or watched lately? :) We've studied the solar system, watched cats and dogs the movie, played angry birds, Been studying traffic signs and learning about speed limits, ... isn't it fascinating to listen to how it all plays out in a little boys head? :)

we did some work out of backyard discoveries.

we spent some time at Head of the Class.

and we did some finger painting.... see the story and picture above, the rest of the pictures we did are below.

justin's sea.

my butterfly

More fun and learning was done with the pizza program. he makes pizzas that he thinks bunnies will like, mice will like and that just maybe cats will like. He thinks and tries hard and then has a pizza party with everyone (all his stuffies). he's learned now how to make pictures using pizza toppings. He's doing some really good work. I should scan one in for you all to see. :)

We did some learning here as well. :)

At supper we had a hoot learning some artistic stuff. We went through a couple library books and got out his new art set and had some fun drawing pictures and making stories. It was a good way to spend time together over food. :)