Was looking at this Math Art class on currclick and learned a couple new terms.

Mandala and Tessellation.

Both are these are math, done in art form.
Not quite for us yet, but it was interesting learning. :)

Did our Blue Spruce Voting

Here are the books up for voting this year.

The Blue Spruce™ Award is a provincial primary reading program which brings recently published Canadian children's picture books to Ontario children ages 4 to 7 in kindergarten through to grade two. For many children, this is their first introduction to the world of books; it is a very exciting time for everyone.

The students will peruse/read 10 nominated Canadian picture books and then vote for their favourite book. They need to have at least perused/read 5 of 10 to be eligible to vote. They also can have these books read to them to be eligible to vote. Based on student voting across the province, the best picture book is then selected and the author/illustrator is honoured with the Blue Spruce™ Award.

The goals of the Blue Spruce™ Award program are:
  • to promote reading for enjoyment and information among primary students
  • to make students aware of quality Canadian picture books including Canadian authors and illustrators
  • to develop the student's skill in evaluating a picture book based on story, text and pictures
  • to provide opportunities for students to discuss the picture books in an authentic manner

This is the result of our reading and what the lad appreciated (or not).

He liked Thinkamajink the very best -- liked this one enough that it inspired stories
followed by in order of liking

C'mere boy
imaginary garden
proud as a peacock
jack the bear
perfect snow

sorta liked: willow whispers

HATED violet. this was a quite adamant "I HATE that book mommy"

Mother's Day Study continued

Today we did some work on the Mother's day unit study done by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.. Made this copywork sheet of 1 Samuel 1:27. Today we did day three and four.

We practiced animal husbandry by giving the cats a bath! They very much needed it.

My laugh of the day:
We were researching how the Scots do mother's day and we saw a picture of cottage pie and my son's response when I asked if we should celebrate mom's day like the Scots was "If you tried to serve me that I might accidentally throw up."

and right after saying that he learned the pencils break if you apply enough pressure. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT MOMMY! I didn't know it would happen! :)

We had fun with the languages page, where we learned to say mother's day in various languages.

and then we did some science by making some cookies. :) I threatened to leave out the chocolate chip cookies to see what might happen...and that was met with a look of horror! So we didn't do that. :) had fun none-the-less.