Track and Field


Today was track and field day for our homeschool group.

The lad had a great deal of fun. I am hopeful that one day the lad will learn that when I say he'll enjoy something because it has lots of running around and jumping and what not that he'll believe me first before whining and complaining about it.

But once that aspect of our day was over, the lad enjoyed himself. So did I. It was nice to spend the day with like-minded people and children. :)

Obstacle Course

The lad ran hard, jumped hard, played hard. He was a strong encourager of others. "go Micah go!" He asked good questions when he learned that one of his teammates suffers from bad asthma. For the most part he listened well. And he tried to do events even if they were hard.
They tried the high jump. Humour was provided to us. :)
The highest they got was five cms beyond the height of the mat.

No day would be complete without some running.
This was the start to the 100 m dash. They also had a 50 m one.

ball free throw

The day was for the part good weather wise. The ground was rather quite wet. There was an area of water saturation that led to the lad going through a complete clothing change.

I thought it funny, every chance these five year olds got
they started to make sand castles. :)

At lunch time the children had fun with the parts to the obstacle course.