today... air pressure...

Today we learned a bit about air pressure.

taken from this book:
hands on earth science activities for k-6 by marvin tolman

we took some straws.

we took a potato.
one straw, one potato

we learned what happens when you combine the two and various ways of holding them.

IF you put your thumb over the end of the straw... it works like a spear!

this of course led to further experimentation with jack o lantern making supplies and the leftover potato......

we also watched a rocket video from Supercharged Science. We are part of their summer e-camp. It was "really cool mommy". Supercharged science does a really good job at even helping kindergarten/grade 1 students understand higher science as well. All that fire made a super impression on the lad. These things helped a lad keep occupied on a day he needed quieter things to amuse himself due a headachy mommy and a sick tummy on a lad.