Homescholing Sidetrack

We were just about to start our homeschooling and hubby sent me this link.

That of course led us to look up where New Guinea was.

And to getting out the tape measure to we could see exactly how long 7.7 mm was (the size of the frog). Here is a recording of this little frogs mating call.

Rather neat eh?

At breakfast, we did waffles as per the lad's request, and then we did our normal reading

10 minute stories

Today's story was a lesson in not getting into things you aren't supposed to.

World History

Today we learned about how the viking age came to an end. We learned about the power of the living Lord God over the Viking gods and how that was instrumental in vikings becoming Christians.

We then got captivated by this youtube video

Once we stopped being distracted, we worked on Studyladder. We studied the solar system, did math, did blending of CL and BL, and talked about kitchen safety and implements you use in the kitchen (did this by actually showing him things in the kitchen and demonstrated their use). :) One of the things I like about StudyLadder is that I can offer variety. I can also take their ideas and use them as jumping off points.

As a reward for doing good work I let the boy child work on building yet another boat. He's working on making a big ship with cannons using scraps from around the house.

at lunch we learned about this guy... a carnivorous caterpillar in Hawaii. :)

we also learned how tabasco sauce is made.

and then the rest of the day was free and clear for playing,working, helping, walking, and just being alive on a snowy, blustery day in Ontario.

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