Sea Urchins and more

Today was a good day for homeschooling.

At breakfast we did our normal reading

10 minute stories

Today's story was about Rip Van Winkle.  This story got an immediate thumbs down from the lad.  Not sure why as I find it an interesting folk tale.

World History

We have started a section on Knights and Castles.

On with the rest of the day...we started later than anticipated, and went past lunch, but we had a good and interesting time.

While Homeschooling today, in the background I had playing various programs from Homeschool RadioShows.   Not saying we listened closely, but every once in a while the lad would the boy safe mommy?   Is the winter over?  What happened to the ship?

We followed a plan again.
We started off the day talking about how our eyes help us do things.   And then we drew a picture of a globe.  Then I covered the paper up with a box with a hole cut into it and said..."draw the globe".   It was interesting to see how they came out...definitely not as good as when we could see what we were drawing.  Then we tried with some simpler things...circles. boxes, triangles. and then with other ideas...pencil, bowl, plate.    we made some observations
1. our eyes help us alot
2. if we practice we can get better at drawing without looking
3. not everyone has the same trouble drawing without looking...sometimes the lad could draw something better than mommy with or without looking, and sometimes mommy was better when she couldn't see.
4. drawing without looking takes longer to do.

We did pages 172, 173-176 in numbers and counting.    One page had him colouring bubbles a different colour depending on where they were in the counting line.   For instance... 1-25 colour blue, 26-50 colour yellow, 51-75 colour red, and 76-100 colour purple.   I thought this would be an easy reinforcing activity for him and was surprised at how much he struggled with it.   Not sure how to build up his confidence in this area.

Word of the day: abbot - a leader of an abbey

Verse of the week: Eph 4:32  Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Animal of the day: I had planned to do penguins.  that was thoroughly nixed by the lad.  he wanted to do SEA URCHINS!   So we studied sea urchins.  YEAH!! for the internet.   Pages we found helpful: google images, enchanted learning, and a couple others.   I always find it frustrating when website contradict each other so we basically just generalized.   It was neat to look at this animal... but boy are they spikey!   We found were some different sea urchins lived on the globe and practiced saying the names of the countries.

Did lesson 9 in First language lessons.   This lesson involved looking at a picture and then talking about it.  We figured out common and proper nouns to use with it.

And finished off our work section with pages 7-11 in Daily Smart, then skipped a bunch of pages and did a maze.  this brings us to the addition/subtraction section which will be on par with where he is in Math Reflex.

We played a game. called mousetrap to finish out our day.  :)


  1. michelle7:31 pm

    too bad you don't live closer because the girls love finding urchins on the beach and in June we have the priveledge to explore a reef which is 8 minutes from home that has the most amazing sea urchin nursery. Maybe you and yours should come for a visit ;0)

    We are using first language lessons also this year. It is the first time for us and the two younger girls are enjoying the lessons. They are in different levels and I am enjoying relearning many of the grammar rules and understanding why they are the way they are.
    Have a great day

  2. hi Michelle
    whereabouts are you? it would be lovely to see them in person. Do you need to be careful when you see them on the shore? I learned that they are poisonous in their spines.


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