Bible Study and homeschooling

Hubby is away taking time for a personal retreat which meant that the lad needed to accompany me to bible study this morning.

He did some math work and then played a game or two on my cell phone during the study.   He was very good about being there.  He worked in his numbers and counting book.  He's learning to count by twos and fives.
After bible study we hit the dollar stores for items to put in his treasure box.

After lunch he worked on reflex math.

This was followed by a study on Bullying.  I have a whole bunch of materials that I've picked up from a variety of sources, much of it on safety issues around the home.   I let the lad pick out what he wanted to learn about and he chose bullying.

We used Proverbs 11:17 for copywork "A man who is kind benefits himself but a man who is cruel hurts himself".  We talked about what that meant.   We then talked about reasons why someone might not be kind and what our response should be.  In Matthew 4:24 it says "be kind to your enemies, pray for those who persecute you".   We'll expand this study to include safety around people and what to do if lost in a crowd and such like.

In our World History book we are learning about knights.  .

So after we did our bullying unit we went outside and had a rousing sword fight. We talked about honour and duels and how to protect themselves.   One of the new things we learned about today was Halberds.  Which is a weapon the swiss men used against calvary.  We each drew pictures of how we would design a halberd if we could but I couldn't transfer that image to the computer successfully.  I showed the lad on the world map were Switzerland was in relation to Canada.    And I also showed him were France and England were since they fought the 100 year war and much of that had to deal with knights in battle.

We still plan to make cheese today but we came in hungry and tired from our sword work.  

All in all a good day.  :)

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