Math, Science, Leap Year and more

we started the day with playing some computer games.
The tooth brushing game.
Slice Geome.
We tried this one.. it was too fast.
the lad enjoyed the count the cubes game.

 Then 22 words had linked to a video on youtube about the leapyear.  I never knew the calculating the leap year was so complicated.

 Leap year every four years, except you skip a century, BUT if the century is divisible by 400 you don't skip it.

World History

We continued reading about Knights and Castles.

Checked the Triops.  Overnight the temperature dropped so... We have no triops hatching.  We'll continue to problem solve and see if we can't figure out how to get them to hatch.

then off to london to go to goodwill for their 50% off sale .. I think. :)   Will need to check the roads to make sure they are safe for driving.  Will update the post as the day goes on.

It was fun.. on the way there the lad and I told a progressive story.  Which actually did three...but one of them didn't work very well.   But two of them were great!   I would tell a line, the lad would tell a line and then I would.. and so on and so forth.  The lad's reaction "Mommy... that was the best story we ever told together!".  :)   We'll be doing this again.

We hit three goodwill stores.  We bought a variety of games, books and a few clothes.   We met another homeschool mom at one of the stores which was nice.

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