Homeschooling today

After doing morning devotions we started off our day reading about beavers in the Ultimate Guide to wildlife in North America. 

We learned that beavers are about as heavy and as long as the lad is. So I asked the lad .. what would you do if a beaver as big as you wanted to say hi? "i'd run away mommy!"... here.. you be the beaver. So I chattered my teeth at him and he ran away screaming. :) We also learned that beavers have a flap behind their teeth and they can hold their breathe for 15 minutes. "mommy.. how long can people hold their breathe under water?" So we looked it up and found two references to long breath holding. 19 min 21 seconds and 16 min 13 seconds

Then off to read from "the Lamb". Today we did chaper five. 
Today we learned about the importance of trusting God even if we don't know all the answers. :)

World history.  PIRATES!

we learned about the vikings and how they scared people with their battle axes.  The image below is the most like the one pictured in the book. 

Then off to do some book work. 
we used the following books today.

First grade fundamentals: we focused on reading stories and answering questions.
Numbers and counting: we practiced ordinals.   Took a little bit of reminders, but then it was like a light went off and it was OH!   First, second, third and he happily kept on counting until he got confused in the mid-thirties.  He has the basics so it's all good. 
Daily Smart:  He practiced making equations from sentences.  This was a bit of a "ARGH" to him at first.    He likes to have all language and speech used exactly the same for all things, so having take away used instead of minus, or was given instead of Plus is a bit confounding for him.

This afternoon he learned abit about radiographs as I had to go in for an x-ray.  he wanted to come to and when he wasn't allowed asked tons of questions why not.  Another guest of the radiology department cheerfully answered his questions when I didn't know the answers.

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