Reading, copywork and fun

Today overall was a good homeschool day.

we did a lot of reading today, and some art, and played 'rats'.

After doing morning devotions we started off our day reading about muskrats in the Ultimate Guide to wildlife in North America. 

the lad was quite surprised that they are more closely related to lemmings (one of his favourite creatures) than they are to beavers.

Then off to read from "the Lamb". Today we did chapter six.

Then we read from our world history book.   We are learning about pirates. 

Today it was about the corsairs who were pirates of the Mediterranean Seas, and they mostly wanted to capture people to be slaves or to sell for ransom.

The lad had fun when we finished our knights section in doing a sticker book on them, so he asked if I could pretty please find a sticker book on Pirates.   I said I'd look around and see what I could come up with and voila!   two sticker books.   They have a different focus so it seemed right to do so.

this first one is from the same series as the knights one.  Dress the pirates.  See the differences in their outfits from area and time.    We'll do one or two pages at a time in this book as we learn about different pirates.

This second one has it's focus more on the life of a pirate, what the ship was like.   We did two pages in this book...getting ready to sail and life aboard the ship.   This is where the lad learned about rats that live on the ships.. and hence the game of rats we played later. :)

We have started to go through this book called "the big book of questions and answers about Jesus."
I expect we'll do one page at a time.
Each question is laid out over two pages.  It starts with reading material and introduces the topic and then has activities for the child to do.
Today we learned that Jesus' name means "the Lord Saves" and it is similar to the name Joshua.   We talked about how Joshua was used of the Lord to save the people, and so Jesus saved the people of God from their sin.   One of the activities asked of us was to read through Exodus 3 and draw a picture of what we read there.   This fit in well with what I had hoped to accomplish today.. that of reading and then drawing a picture of what we got in our minds from it.   So we killed two birds with one stone. :)

the picture the lad came up with
 and what I did.  
It was interesting doing this with the lad.. I was going to put smoke above my burning bush but the lad said "but mommy, the bush didn't burn...and if it didn't burn there won't be smoke!"   and it was like.. duh.. you're right buddy.. there certainly wouldn't be smoke!  (never EVER thought about that before).  AND I was just about to put boots on my Moses but the lad reminded me that God said TAKE OFF your shoes.   So, once again, the lad reminded me of important details.  :)   Always good to have that.

I wanted to do some copy work of "I am who I am" but the lad was typical for a Tuesday.. reluctant to do what didn't really interest him at all.. so I said okay.. what would you like to do for copywork?   "the names of the people I know from Seaquest".   Okay I can do that.   He named name, I wrote them and we agreed that he'd put the 10 names into alphabetical order.  Since he often does copywork better if I make myself scarce I went to check on the laundry.   I came upstairs to find him in tears and all upset.

Why?  because there is no "E" name and needs for there to be a "e" name.   I don't get this.

A tear-filled discussion followed...with the end result being that he decided he'd write out each name three times and NOT put them in alphabetical order and he would NOT get a sticker for doing so.  

We normally play a board game of some sort and we alternate who gets to pick the game.  Today we played Topple.   My sister gave this to the lad last year at Christmas I think.  We pull it out to play.

After lunch we played rats.   "cause every pirate needs to watch out for rats nibbling at your toes and stealing your stuff.  AND THEN every pirate knows you have to teach those rats to behave themselves!  :)   It was good fun for an hour.

Cleaned the bathroom.  Not great...but better.  Toilets and countertops and tub ledges only.  The lad cleaned out all the recyclables.  AND hubby oh.. my dear hubby hung up my birthday present from last year.. a looped shower curtain hanger.  we have more room in the tub (or at least the feeling of more room!).  WOOT WOOT!

Out for a walk around the block.  Home for supper and caring for the bunnies, bedtime reading and whatnot.

A good day overall.  Better than many Tuesdays.  :)

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