Reading, knots, and more

This day being one of continued pain, and foggy-headedness due to pain meds, and being a typical Tuesday of "I WANT TO PLAY MOMMY!" (late Monday nite returns do this to a boy child), we did computer work, reading, some play, and art.  If I get myself mentally together we will do some science/practical math later on.

Today we started off our homeschooling day with Suessville.  My lad isn't really into some of Dr. Suess books (strongly dislikes the cat in the hat), but he likes some of it.   Some of the activity pages are definitely below where he is at, but he enjoyed problem solving with the games and going through some of the worksheets with me.

We then got inspired by these in my son's words "remote control alien ships". :)

you can read more about it here

That video led us to this one, were being Canadian. ... watching robots play hockey is just a given.:)

Caused lots of questions to be asked which is always a good thing in our household. :)

on to some reading.
We continued reading about Knights and Castles in our world history book.

We read a new book, called "bad kitty gets a bath".  This is just a fun book.  I got it to encourage the boy child in his interest for reading.  he can read the simple words of kitty, bath, cat, hate etc.  

It's just a fun read for a child.  It also has a remarkable number of good scientific facts in it as well.  Always a bonus.

We started a new book called The ultimate guide to wildlife in North America.  We'll read a page most every day.  Today we learned about the virginia opossum and I told the lad how one day I found one.  Thought it was dead, poked it, picked it up and what not and decided that yes indeed it was dead, came back five minutes later and it was gone, and how another time my dog trapped one under an old stump and it hissed and growled at us.   Fun to share those stories.

In the fall when we went to the creation seminar in Kitchener we had picked up this book called "the lamb" by John R. Cross. It's the story of the bible for children. 10 easy lessons. We started that book this morning.  It's a good read.

I had the lad learn how to do a simple overhand knot, and I showed him how to make a slip knot and then tied him up.   This helped him learn the importance of tying knots.  He will need to continue to practice though. :)

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