Reading, Writing and Drawing.

Today we did chapter four in "the Lamb".  I love the pictures in the book and the lad likes answering the questions at the end of each chapter.  They are simple.  It's a good book thus far.

Also finished off our section on Knights And castles in our world history book.    Today we learned about how the knights divided up into orders and how other countries had knights as well.   Next up will be pirates.

Then we learned about the masked shew in The ultimate guide to North American Wildlife.

This was followed by going out for a walk in the field behind the church and picking up golf balls.  The lad will keep some and others he will sell at my annual yardsale.

We did some guided drawing using pastels.   Homeschool freebie of the day had a link to Pastels today.    Here is the lad's first ever  drawing done using pastel's.   It was a bit of challenge for him, he likes to draw using heavy lines but with pastels sometimes you need to use a lighter hand.  :)   Did not half bad with the sun I thought, and a good effort with Darwin the dolphin.  :)

In the mid-afternoon we decided to organize all this junk stuff.   That's what hubby calls it.  You know all the toilet paper rolls, empty containers, styrofoam trays that people keep in order to have craft supplies for ones children?   Well we got it organized and out of the basement and main floor of the house.  This of course inspired the lad to do some more boat building.

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