Today homeschooling

well..our day started off with the lad waking me up.
We had breakfast, cared for the bunnies and the chicken.  .. yes we have a chicken!   It's a hen that eats her eggs and she's going to be lunch for us when I'm feeling up to making her lunch for us.   But that might take a good week yet.

My brain was VERY sluggish today so we didn't do a whole lot for a fair bit.
I had a treasure hunt at the lad's instigation.
Then we read some fascinating information out of this book called "tell me about the world".

just love this book.  It's starts off with a question... for instance "is it true that a cow has four stomachs".   So I give the lad a chance to tell me what he knows.  I tell him what I think.  And then we read a blub that tells us if we are right or not.   We were both wrong on this one.  One stomach, four sections.  (go figure).

We then read a story out of "50 magical stories".  This book is made the same folks who did the 10 minute stories.

Today's story was about the crab that played with the sea.   the boy said "i liked some of it but not all of it mommy".

 He read a book over at Starfall.   he had a lot of fun with the one book he read.

We took a walk over at Morrison Dam.  Just a short walk as I didn't have the energy for a long one.  We talked about beaver dams and moss.   He did some of the exercise trail stuff with his dad.   We took some moss home to grow under the tree in the backyard.  

Oh.. I almost forgot.  We watched a video from Aurora on lights and such like.  We did some experiments with making a microscope using two magnifying glasses.  we used these to discover that Canadian money has stories/poems/etc written on them.. and  carefully examined a $20 American bill as well.  If we can find an American Penny we want to see if we can find the man in the building.

Oh.. the lad is taking an interest in learning about the rabbits.  This morning he wanted to know how I knew if a rabbit was ready to breed or not.  So I showed him a rabbit ready to breed and one who wasn't.  I also talked with him about other signs that a rabbit uses.   Being growly, digging in her food dish, and such like.  he was quite interested.  He also wanted to know how I knew if a boy bunny wanted to make babies... and so I said okay buddy.. watch and see what happens.   "HE FELLED OFF HER MOMMY!"   yes buddy, did he make a noise?  "YES!"  good.. he wants to be a daddy then.  

He's been learning what to watch for in the baby bunnies.. for full tummies, activity when touched, and such like.   So it's good.  Nice to see him learning and asking questions.   The weather's been so nice so we've been taking time outside to play and be archaelogists and alien hunters.  He has infinitely more energy than his mommy but we're working at it. :)  In time health will be better!

we may end up making bunny bait for Easter/Hope days.

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