Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

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The lad: "Mommy!   Can I play the instrument game again?" 

the lad: "MOM!!!"  Immediately after if I didn't say yes? right away.  Which would lead to me saying

"Yes, Lad, you can play the instruments again"

So then I"d go to the computer and load up "young persons guide to the orchestra".  

Most of this game he is able to play independently.   He enjoys it.   And last night he was inspired to make his own instrument which I thought was rather neat.

"Do you see mommy?  Do you see how I can change the pitch and tone of it?"

This from a lad who didn't understand pitch and tone two days ago.

He thinks it funny that a musical instrument has the same name as a character on the TV show Seaquest.    But he now knows a good part of the instruments that you find in an orchestra, as of course do I.  :)   

This introduction to the orchestra has a variety of games to teach children the groups of instruments, the names of instruments, pitch and tone, and a variety of other things.

It will entertain one six year old boy for about 5 hours from start to finish with a wee bit of help from his mom.   Older children should be able to play it independently.

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