Germs and Micro-organisms

we are conducting two experiments, one of which we finished today

1. Bread  - one wet and in the heat. ---- this is turning brown with white specks
               - one wet and in the fridge ---- nothing is happening to this one

2. Agar
a. we took sampling from our toes
     - the lad's toes grew icky stuff BUT the sample he took from my toes grew worse.
      - the lad's toes grew yellow and white mold, mommy's toes grew black fuzzy mold, white mold, yellow mold and orange mold.
     - the lad's conclusion: is Mommy has to wash her toes more often and wear shoes when she goes outside.

b. Spit and antibiotic
     - spit grew germs!   The  antibiotic didn't grow anything.

c. Two that he rubbed his hands all over.
     - they had germs on them
      - his conclusion: hands need to be washed lots of time

d. Washed hands decently well
     - even if you wash your hands you can still have germs on your hands

e. Mouth swab and toothpaste
    - mouths have germs!!!!   Toothpaste doesn't - except in one spot mommy!   That had a little bit of germs mommy!!   (that might have been contamination)

It was actually quite fascinating seeing the germs grow.
some were black and fuzzy.
some was orange.
much was yellow
and a little bit was a fuzzy white mold that turned yellow when exposed to air

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