The Gummy Experiment Part Two

Today we had time to pull out our gummi experiment

It was interesting.
your average gummy bear is 1 x 2 cm.

  • in milk 2 x3 felt solid
  • in plain water and sugar water  2.5 x 4 
  • in lemon juice 2 x 3 felt mushy AND the colour was faded
  • in splenda water x x 3 but much bigger (bulkier)
  • in salt water he was 16 mm x 8 mm
  • olive oil and corn syrup didn't change the size but change the texture and shape.  the lad said "mom, they are HARD" and the olive oil one had a misshaped head.
  • Vinegar was fascinating.  we didn't try to measure it because he was all mushy.. "feels like Pee!"   It was "GROSS"     Much and many exclamations about it.  "disgusting!"   and the colour was a very pale yellow.
  • Jam - feels like a gummy, was very sticky so difficult to measure .. we think he was 2.5 x 2 cm
  • cranberry juice - "he got darker"  measured 2.5 x 3 and was bigger.
when we cut them it was intriguing

We could not (without effort) cut the oil and corn syrup ones.
the vinegar one fell apart on us
everything else sliced and stood evenly.

Then we put our tongues on them.
Jam and cranberry and lemon juice tasted like what they were put into.
The splenda, sugar and plain water just tasted more gummy... with more sugar in it (for the sweet water ones)
the salt one... EW.. BLECH MOMMY!!!!
The lemonade one tasted like a sweet gummy that was odd... this one had the lad confused until I gave him three options of what it could be...and then he said "OH>> lemonade!!!"
We did not try the corn syrup, olive oil, vinegar or milk ones.  

This is a GOOD experiment to do with a budding scientist. :)

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