Seeing as the project fair is coming up this Friday night I thought ACK!!!   We need to get our spider study done!!!!!!!!

So today I set out to find spider crafts that the lad and I could do.
that and some cut and paste pictures we could put on file folders and what not. :)

I found this dot to dot.    

A poem we can use for copywork

By Janet Bruno

Spiderlings hatch from eggs.
Each one has eight tiny legs.
A spider has more eyes than you.
Most have eight, you have two.
A spider has two body parts.
Across its web it quickly darts.
From a spiders spinnerets
Sticky spider silky jets.
Spiders feel the frantic tugs,
Of their favorite food: its bugs!

 we used a copywork generator to make the sheet for the lad to trace.

Since there are all kinds of spider webs we decided it would be fun to see if we could replicate some.

Ergo we found the following crafts.

For a sheet/triangle web we found this one.

For an orb web this one or this one and this one.

Couldn't find a craft to do a tangled web, but I'm thinking of using spaghetti and then letting the lad dangle it around a balloon and just seeing how that works.  or maybe yarn as it's already in the house. :)  I got the idea from this page.
we hit upon the idea of making a funnel web using lego.   We looked up images of a funnel web and made one.  The lad is not too sure about the results of our work though so it might not come along to the project fair.   Since that was in issue, we used our brains and came up with this rather cool depiction.

when we finished making these things we did some cutting and pasting with lap book materials to make some spider pages.  We need to do some fine tuning on them yet though.


we are hoping over the course of the week to make more webs and to show different ways that spiders can live.   We also hope to catch a few spiders.

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