Tonight's Poem: A was an Apple Pie

Out of the mother goose nursery rhymes book we read a poem called

a was an apple pie.

I wanted to know more about it so I did some googling and found out that the original name to the poem was read is this: the tragical death of A, apple pye who was cut in pieces and eat by twenty-five gentlemen with whom all little people ought to be very well acquainted with.

A was an apple pie
B bit it
C cut it
D dealt it
E eats it
F fought for it
G got it
H had it
I inspected it
J jumped for it
K kept it
L longed for it
M mourned for it
N nodded at it
O opened it
P peeped in it
Q quartered it
R ran for it
S stole it
T took it
U upset it
V viewed it
W wanted it
X, Y and Z (and amperse-sand) all wished for and had a piece in hand.

NOTE: the italics were added in the version that I read, but were not in the version found on-line.

Wikipedia gives more detail on this poem.

I just want to say how much the lad enjoyed listening to his poem and his reaction was just priceless.

I stopped reading.
He turned and extremely excitedly said... Mommy... that was a pie and all the letters ate it and put it into pieces and just like their names are!!!!!  Mommy!!!   Read it again!!!!

He loved it.
I will probably read it again, and possibly if he's up for it, get him to memorize it.  :)   Time will tell.  :)

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