Woven wonders

Homeschool Program: Woven Wonders

today the lad will be learning the following: 

Children 5-12 will learn the basics of hand-spinning and weaving while applying skill and artistry on their own woven piece. They will learn to spin wool from fleece by hand, create a handloom, and weave on it.

The rest of the day he will spend at gramma's while hubby and I kibitz about. 

some pictures of yesterday's learning at the London Art Museum

 12 year old lad he spent time chatting with about science
 backlooming I think this is called
 learning to use a spindle
 he couldn't manage the spindle and the part that moves the yarn up and down so I helped
what he managed to do before getting bored and frustrated. 

He also learned how to make a rope which I thought was rather cool.
and he learned about making a simple loom using carboard. 
It was all quiet sit down work so we let him learn and then we let him chat.   We left a bit early since he was done, we were done and had an errand to run before going to gramma's.