my homeschool group had their spring hope days start today. 

Each week a whole lot of us get together to teach a variety of subjects and to help out as best we can.

This year I'm teaching current events to the teens.
My son is taking African animals, Phys ed and Bugs.

There are a whole lot of other classes being taught from sign language to art classes to geo caching to sewing and kind of everything in between.

When we returned home we had some folks stop in to play with bunnies and to learn a bit about them.  It was a good visit.  While they were here a rabbity friend stopped by as well.  Always fun to show off my bunnies.  The children were cautious but curious.

Gramma came over for a bit as she and Jim are going to a Christian meeting tonight out in Cambridge.  But she took the time to play with the lad for a bit.

We learned abit about kaleidoscopes.    I learned about this site through Clickschooling.