Pirates and learning through reading

Before I went out to do the bunnies I opened up a freebie from the folks over at Living books Curriculum.    I had signed up a while back for their newsletter which gets me free stuff once a week.  Anyways the freebie today was modern fairy tales, and we read one called the Box of Robbers.  What a fun story to read to a six year old.  he was quite intrigued. :)

I took care of the bunnies and we had breakfast and then our homeschooling day began.

We started off our day reading the paper.  There were two interesting stories about genetic research so we talked about how our bodies are made of different genetic material and how scientists can work with it to either change something to hopefully make it better OR to test people to see if their bodies will react to medicine in an atypical manner.   It's rather fun using the paper to learn from.  :)

Then we went on to do some reading

we started off with 50 magical stories.  The story today is called the King of the Polar Bears.

in response to the story the lad said "I liked it!"   When asked why he liked it I got the response of "I liked it, mommy, I don't know why I did, but I just liked it!". 

Then we read more about pirates in our world history book.

Today we learned about the pirate base in Port Royal and how many pirates used the island of Madagascar as a base of operations.  We learned abit about the cruelty of Henry Avery.  We took a moment to learn a bit more about him.

then onwards to reading about the red squirrel in the ultimate guide to wildlife of North America.

  The red squirrel    this small squirrel is noisy and highly territorial.   we've seen them at the Pinery and they are a very talkative squirrel.  They are very quick.

On to chapter nine in "the Lamb"

it's been good so far going through this book. Today I could see the lad thinking...and that's always a good thing.

He did pages 10-12 in Pirates sticker book.

and pages 6-9 in dressing pirates

yesterday I picked up a pirates megablocks set on sale at Giant Tiger and I promised the lad that once we got finished our pirates work today that we would play pirates for a while.

The set we got is kinda a combination of these two sets...more like the second one than the first...but our characters look like real buccaneers and we have an alligator in our set.  (great for playing peter pan!).  :)   This gave the lad (after looking through the mega-blocks site) that some of our given to us lego was from the pirates sets of megabloks.   So we played pirates.   Always a good way to review the language the pirates used.