Science, math, and more...

Tonight we looked up, but didn't find, our monarch numbered NAW 325

looked him up in the database but didn't locate  him on there.  

Had a decent day today. 

the lad worked on reflex math this morning.   We did an experiment using gummi bears and various liquidy things, and also made ice cream cookies.  :)

 doing tests with gummi bears.   We immersed them in splenda water, plain water, milk, lemonade, sugar water, salt water, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, cranberry juice, jam and corn syrup.   We watched them throughout the day.  The lad was quite intrigued by the vinegar washing out the colour, the corn syrup one seeming to slow disappear, the salt one getting smaller, most of the others grew but with various side affects.   We will pull them out tomorrow and see what changes we observe.

On to the ice cream sandwiches.  First we made chocolate chip cookies.  No, we didn't make them from scratch...cookie dough was on sale!  :)
 These are good mommy!
 Don't they look good?
Mmmm... they ARE Good.  :)

Part of the afternoon was spent in catching two moths and one spider.  The spider was a teeny tiny one we found in the rhubarb patch.

OOH OOH.. and before I forget.  Our robin who is nesting outside the upstairs bathroom window has TWO eggs in her nest now!  :)