Helping a friend, learning with friends

Yesterday the lad and I went over to visit a friend. We spend most of the day there. Life has been a challenge for this friend lately so it was good to spend some time to assist in bringing some sanity to life again. :) 

I had told her that I needed to do some schooling with the lad, and I've be enlisting the aid of her children.

We did a drawing from "imagine a day" and then we put some daises into coloured water.   The pics don't show the results well, but I hope you can see some of the tinges that were occurring by the time we had to go home.

After we finished our schooling time the children played and my friend and I were able to chat a bit.

She lives on a farm so I was able to pick some grass for my rabbits and on the way home a ladybug found it's way out of the grasses I had picked much to my son's delight.  it was captured and is currently munching on aphids in a bug jar.

It was a good schooling and living day.  :)